Content owner looking for additional revenue? Read on..

Sell more

With your content in the Creators Marketplace, you reach tens of thousands of potential resellers for your content.
Many shops that mainly sell physical goods are interested in starting to sell digital as well.
For some of these shops, your digital content might be the perfect match - and you'll reach customers, who might never find your own store.

Stay in control

All content sold which originates from Creators Marketplace is under DRM supervision by Flickrocket.
This means customers purchasing from third-party stores are under the exact same rules and permissions as you have defined them for your own shop.
There is no room for illegal sharing or unfair competition and you can gradually define which part of your content you want to make available.

Trusted reporting

Since all content is under tight DRM regulations, each digital product sold requires a license to work.
These licenses are centrally managed by Flickrocket and guarantee that all third-party sales are reported accurately and timely to the content owner.
There is no possibility of fraudulent reports or wasted time chasing other companies or individuals for reporting.

Easy setup

Making your content available for the Creators Marketplace requires just a few clicks and defining your royalty percentage.
The content is managed and delivered via the Flickrocket CDN, so there are no additional uploads and your customers receive a reliable data stream that is independent of the shop's bandwidth.

Monthly payments

All payments for content sold from third party services are paid out from Flickrocket during the normal monthly accounting.
You don't need to operate your own invoicing or have any additional paper work. It can’t be much simpler than that!

About you

Creators Marketplace is open for any content owner with a Flickrocket account, however Flickrocket reserves the right to approve and select only appropriate, non-offensive, high-quality content for Creators Marketplace.
If you are unsure if your content qualifies, please contact us.

How to get started

Getting started is super easy. If you don't have a Flickrocket content, you'll need to sign up with Flickrocket first.
If you have an account, you can simply add all or make a part of your content available in the Creators Marketplace.