Shop owner looking for digital content to sell? Read on..

Sell more

Creators Marketplace allows you to add meaningful, targeted, high-quality digital content to your existing or new website or shop offering.
Dive into the vast content offering and resell what makes sense for your individual needs.
Extend your business based on our multi-year experience with providing shop solutions for selling digital content of all types and forms and for all target platforms.

Get into digital

Your shop is currently only for digital goods?
No problem at all - with Creators Marketplace and Flickrocket, you can seamlessly integrate physical and digital products in a single, user friendly, shopping platform.
There's no need to re-learn everything and you can manage your digital products just as you do now.
There's no problem even if your own bandwidth is not suitable for digital delivery because we perform all the hosting and delivery with our integrated, world-class content distribution network.

Valuable content

All products in the Creators Marketplace have been checked in terms of content and quality.
Most content is sold the exact same way with the same features in the content owners shop.
In many cases the content offered in the Creators Marketplace is unique and cannot be licensed any other way.

Easy setup

Starting to sell content from the Creators Marketplace in your own shop is just a few clicks away.
All you need is a supported shop platform (Flickrocket, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or Prestashop), a Flickrocket account, and depending on your platform, the matching Flickrocket shop plug-in.
Once this is in place, you can select from the content in the Creators Marketplace, add it to your shop, (products are created automatically) and you are ready to go.


The use of the Creators Marketplace is entirely free, however you will be liable to pay the content royalties as set out by the content owner (see Creators Marketplace pages) and the regular fees (see Flickrocket fees) based on the account level you select.
You are charged monthly after each month and Flickrocket forwards the royalties to the content owner.

About you

Do you have already an existing shop? Are you a marketing expert looking for great digital products to sell?
Do you operate a web site catering to a specific niche? In any case, Creators Marketplace makes it easy for you to move into digital sales with a great experience at low cost.
Plus, you can keep the tools you know and build upon them with minimal or even zero investment.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us - or simply give it a try!